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Back to Los Angeles after the promotion

Hello everyone, 11/15, A few days after the promotion of her latest film, Lily-Rose is back home in Los Angeles and went to lunch at ‘Pinches Tacos’ with her bodyguard. Unfortunately not many pictures of this output! + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.

Talk Show in Paris for the promotion.

Hello everyone, 11/09, Still in promotion of ‘Planetarium’ Lily-Rose went on the set of the French live Show ‘CàVous’ with the director Rebecca Zlotowski. So they promoted talking about the story, Lily-Rose’s admiration for Natalie Portman!

Aside from the promotion, Lily-Rose talked a little about her life explaining that what was seen of her on social networks did not reflect at all how she is in life. After seeing videos of her mother (Vanessa Paradis) young, she explains that she is proud to have parents who have always known how to protect her, child, of the media despite popularity.

On the set she was accompanied by the French singer Matt Pokora who presented a song that evening. And on that, Lily-Rose to explain well that she had grown up in the United States and that the French culture, she did not really know. (Which does not prevent him from being extremely well bilingual). + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.

Planetarium Paris Premiere.

Hello everyone, 11/08, Lily-Rose is in full promotion for her movie Planetarium and went to the premiere which was held at Le Grand Rex cinema in Paris. The cast was present except Natalie Portman unfortunately. Lily-Rose was lovely and had the courage to come with only his little jacket and top, because it’s really cold in Paris! Just before arriving to the great Rex, Lily-Rose to find her family and friends in a restaurant near the cinema. + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.

Restaurant and Meeting in Paris.

Hello everyone, 11/07, It’s rare that is as much news when she was in Paris, so we took the opportunity ! Lily-Rose was seen leaving a restaurant with a friend, all smiles and all pretty in her beautiful leather jacket. It’s crazy to see how it grows from month to month. The next morning (11/08), it’s Lily-Rose businesswoman have found that arriving at a business meeting in Paris, surrounded by his press team. Beautiful and elegant on those heels! + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.

Casual in her native city.

Hello everyone, 11/05, Casual in his native town, Lily-Rose was seen leaving his Paris appartemain with her mother Vanessa Paradis and their bodyguard. All smiling, I love seeing Lily-Rose like that! + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.

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