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Enjoys a day at Disneyland

Hello everyone, on Oct 27th, A Disneyland since the previous day she shared many videos and photos via social networks, Lily-Rose was photographed in the paths of the theme park in Anaheim with her boyfriend Ash and friends. Lily-Rose and her band of friends seemed to be having fun and as much enjoying as the weather in California is scorching right now! + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

Lunch with Ash Stymest in Studio City

Hello everyone, on Oct 26th, Lily-Rose is back in Los Angeles and has lunch with her boyfriend Ash Stymest in a Studio City restaurant. Oddly enough, the couple eats separately on the restaurant’s terrace. Lily-Rose is very cute in her summer outfit, a weather that must change her from New York or Paris.. + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

Seen leaving her hotel in New York

Hello everyone, on Oct 25st, After a long night, Lily-Rose was seen leaving her hotel in New York (she left the hotel right after her shower because she still has wet hair) to go to JFK airport and take a flight to Los Angeles. + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

Back in Paris and new camapaign

Hello everyone, on Oct 01st, Lily-Rose is back in Paris and was photographed arriving at her home in the streets of Paris with her aunt and her family (not present in the photos of Lily-Rose). Unfortunately we have very few pictures, and no good quality but we can see Lily-Rose with a very elegant and sexy style ! + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

+ Another new campaign for Lily-Rose which unveils the new collection Numéros Rouges lipstick 2017 ! For the moment we have only one official photo, a campaign launched near Christmas, so you know what to buy !

Grocery shopping with her family + new outtakes

Hello everyone, on Sept 25th, After almost a month without news (because of the shooting of her next film), Lily-Rose was photographed returning home after shopping with her family including her mother (not in the photos) and her grandmother! Then just before she had been seen returning home after buying french baguette ! Not very smile and in a fairly sporty outfit, Lily-Rose has managed to pretty well pair the Chanel heel shoes and jogging ! + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

+ Discover new outtakes of the CR magazine taken by Steven Klein ! Unfortunately we still do not have the scans of the magazine (so not the interview of Lily-Rose) ’cause the price of the magazine is really expensive (about $24) I don’t think we will have them soon.

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