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Shopping at The Grove in West Hollywood

Hello everyone, the April 24th, Lily Rose went to The Grove in Hollywood to do some shopping at Nordstrom and Sephora. In a nice and simple summer outfit, Lily-Rose to wear her new pair of shoe buy a few days earlier at Golden Age (shoes you can buy online – link). In the evening, she was photographed leaving the Sunset Towers hotel, unfortunately very few pictures.. + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

Shopping at the ‘Golden Age’

Hello everyone, the April 18th, Lily-Rose still in Los Angeles, was shopping at the ‘Golden Age’ store in West Hollywood to surely buy a new pair of shoes since she posted a photo of her in front of the shoe display. + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

At Los Angeles Airport (again..)

Hello everyone, the April 13th, Lily-Rose was photographed at the Los Angeles airport, alone. It is still a short stay that she made in Paris since it only lasted 3 days (again). I admire her ability to hold the shock between all those hours of past aircraft and especially the jetlag that tires it even more despite the practice. + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

+ Lily-Rose appears in the magazine InStyle USA May 2017 issue with an old photoshoot of 2016 photographed by David Mushegain. + HQ scans are available in the gallery.

We make the tourists in Paris

Hello everyone, the April 12th, Lily-Rose to enjoy the weather on Paris to go out with her boyfriend and friends in the streets of Paris. They were shopping at Colette in the shoes department and then leaving the ‘Père Lachaise’ Cemetery where she took pictures. She also visited the ‘Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris’ but no official photos during this visit. Lily-Rose made her tourist and enjoyed it to see the beauty of Paris. + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

A lifetime in the airport

Hello everyone, the April 10th, Lily-Rose went back to Los Angeles airport to take a flight to Paris with her boyfriend Ash Stymest! No sooner had she arrived in Paris than she first put up her belongings and then went to McDonald’s for lunch. + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

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