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Back to Los Angeles for the Christmas Shopping

Hello everyone, 12/16, After a few days without news, it’s no longer in France that Lily-Rose is found but back in Los Angeles, where she began her Christmas shopping especially at Real Food daily with a friend and the next day with another friend ! It’s good to see Lily-Rose smile when she comes out! + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.

Always with her boyfriend !

Hello everyone, 11/20, Also in Los Angeles and always with her boyfriend Ash Stymest, we find our pretty Lily-Rose in the streets of Los Angeles, surely for a little shopping ! The next day it was after leaving the ‘Saint Laurent’ store of Beverly Hills that they were photographed ! I find that Lily-Rose to more and more style, it remains simple but superb. + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.

Lunch and Shopping with her boyfriend

Hello everyone, 11/16, Lily-Rose went to lunch with her boyfriend Ash Stymest at ‘Pinches Tacos’ in Los Angeles where she had been the day before ! A new favorite restaurant ? Later in the day she went shopping at Vivienne Westwood after making a detour at Mc Drive where she took some food and can also see her smoking in her car. + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.

in the Apple Store and cover magazine

Hello everyone, 10/26, Lily-Rose went to do some shopping at the Apple Store at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. Not bad photos are available where we see completely natural, no makeup, but also without a smile ! Then, Lily-Rose makes her appearances in the press, since it appears with a new photoshoot for Grazia Italia Magazine of November 2016. A simple shoot but so beautiful! + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.

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