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Grabs a lunch with a Coca-Cola in Studio City

Hello everyone, the July 31th, On this last day of July, Lily-Rose was seen leaving a restaurant after lunch and with a Coca-Cola drink in hand. Unfortunately the pictures are not very good quality and we have few. + HQ photos are available in the gallery.

+ On the day of her candid, on July 31, Lily-Rose’s boyfriend (since 2015), Ash Stymest celebrated her 26th birthday and for the occasion Lily-Rose published a picture of them in her official Instagram account (which dates from their stay at Tokyo) with a simple message filled with love. (see her post)

Happy Birthday to Lily-Rose Depp

On May 27th, 2017 we all wish a very beautiful and happy birthday to Lily-Rose Depp who celebrates her 18 years and thus her majority. Lily-Rose began her career at 15-16 years and she still has a lot to show us. We wish him the best for her future which promises to put us in full view ! I hope that the opinions will change, that we will stop from the considered simply like ‘The children of..’ and that it will silence the idiots with its projects ! #HappyBirthdayLilyRoseDepp !!