Glamour magazine France Cover

Hello everyone, In full promotion of Planetarium is now sure, Lily-Rose is everywhere ! She’s now the cover of Glamour magazine France from November 2016. It may be noted that it provides a lot of promotion in France, but do not forget that she is French and that the film was produced in France. this is normal. It’s a new photoshoot can be seen (we had seen in Grazia Italia) and here in full, a stunning photoshoot in the US by photographer David Mushegain.+ HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.

Support her father in Jimmy Kimmel

Hello everyone, 10/31, On this day of Halloween include Lily-Rose went with her boyfriend Ash Stymest on studios of Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood, not to participate but to support his father Johnny Depp who was performing that day the. + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.

Chanel N°5 L’EAU Campaign

Hello everyone, After months with commercial forecasting, finally discover the new ad campaign full of Chanel No. 5 l’EAU ‘with our beautiful Lily-Rose Melody Depp, the face of this campaign and represents freshness with this new fragrance! The pub is really pretty, Lily-Rose is seen devoted, smiling, funny and it’s nice to see it from another side + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.

ELLE France by Karl Lagerfeld

Hello everyone, Our lovely Lily-Rose Depp is cover edition of Elle France October/November 2016. Exclusive interview and photoshoot new! A sublime shoot in rich color and with simple but effective poses. This beautiful photoshoot directed by Karl Lagerfeld, his friend since childhood ! Find below the significant passages of Lily-Rose interview. + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.

ELLE. Seeing you arrive at Chanel, it seems that you come home: you have a familiar relationship with this house..
Lily-Rose Depp. That’s right, little girls of 17 have this chance ! For me, Chanel is particular, I know many people who work here since I was little. I met Karl to 8 years. I started working for them in 15 years, and I feel like family. Small, for me, the « high fashion » it was Chanel, I never wanted to go elsewhere. I even have a picture of me in diaper with Chanel pumps my mother! Layer ! Like, I ask..

ELLE. The school you missing? You do not have to say yes.
Lily-Rose Depp. Honestly, no. When I was there, I was happy, I had all my friends. I tried to return after turning « Planetarium » and « The Dancer ». I came back after the winter break and it was so weird, I thought: « What am I doing here? I will not go to university, I have projects, full of promo, work.. »

ELLE. You like the French cinema?
Lily-Rose Depp. I know so well that American cinema. Because I more or less grew up there and I went to school in the United States. So, there are plenty of French emissions should I do and I do not even know what it’s archi-known people I’ve never heard, I have not been raised in the culture of french teenagers.

ELLE. About belly, I saw you claim a McDonalds there that at 17 you can be thin as a by eating fast food!
Lily-Rose Depp. Frankly, all that disturbs me, I always see these comments on Instagram: « She does not eat, » « She’s anorexic, » etc. It saddens me because I was younger and it was hard to get out. All those who have faced this disease know how difficult it is to return. Long time I’m trying to grow, I followed and I am very proud of my progress. Also, it makes me sad that one may think that I send this message to young girls. Today I am with my body and, as I said at the beginning of interview, people do not know me.

in the Apple Store and cover magazine

Hello everyone, 10/26, Lily-Rose went to do some shopping at the Apple Store at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. Not bad photos are available where we see completely natural, no makeup, but also without a smile ! Then, Lily-Rose makes her appearances in the press, since it appears with a new photoshoot for Grazia Italia Magazine of November 2016. A simple shoot but so beautiful! + HQ Pictures are available in the gallery.

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